an experience curated by Roberto Baciocchi

production by Francesco Pirrello

at Elephant Paname, Paris

4-29 APRIL 2018



The wish of Condizione is to stay as near as possible to the dynamics of the real world,  always searching for quality.

All must be reviewed. 

Human beings and their emotions are the centre of everything. What counts is the individual, not systems or schemes.

Condizione aims to arouse emotions through art and design, by showcasing a selection of modern and popular works.

Condizione is a path of senses made of five spaces: the anteroom, the waiting-room, the dining-room, the corridor and the garden.

It is about a whole project, where the objects speak for themselves through their quality. No explanation is needed, being they in strict relationship with the surrounding space.

Each work shall stir our fantasy, our imagination.

We enter a world where each space has its own meaning.

The project, leaving nothing to chance, is by the architect Roberto Baciocchi.